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This is a collection of videos and gifs of thin section slides made by Geosec over the last 10 years or so. There is no order or theme, produced as and when I had time, and something interesting presented itself. These have been made as a test of what could be done, mainly for my own amusement, but I hope you will fine them interesting.

 Ammonite from Madagascar

Sanidinite form Eifel Germany

Concentrate on the image

You are becoming sleepy.....

This is a clip of an Olivine Norite, a type of gabbro with orthopyroxene instead of the usual clinopyroxene, collected from neat Huntly in Aberdeenshire.

The view is of most of the slide, about 3cm x 2cm. The whole width of the slide is one pyroxene crystal (orange) with inclusions of plagioclase and olivine. The latter shows edge alteration to serpentine minerals.

Olivine Norite from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. from Rob Gill on Vimeo.

Pleochroism in Hornblende.


Actinolite in Talc, N.W. Scotland.

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