Ordering Slides ~ Please read.

Method 1.

In the right hand column is an alphabetical list of slides that are available to buy from Geosec Slides. This is not a complete list, new slides are being added all the time. Clicking on a name in the list will open the full details page for that slide, this contains a description of the slide and a slideshow of pictures of the slide. (Click on the icon in the bottom left corner of the image to start the show).

If you wish to buy the slide, click on the yellow 'Add to Cart' button.

This will take you to the shopping cart which will have your slide in the cart, and postage (£3.50) added.

You can now either
1. Pay for the slide using PayPal, or Debit / Credit card. If using a card you do not need a paypal account, they are just acting as the payment gateway. You will be asked for your address. Please make sure this is correct as I will be using this to send your slides to you.
2. Click 'Continue Shopping' which will take you back to the Geosecslides page where you can choose another slide to view.

Above the alphabetical list are availability catagories; 'IN STOCK' and 'TO ORDER'. Use these to sort the slides into those available for immediate delivery, and those which will need to be made before they can be sent to you. Please check availability before you order ( in grey bar below images). 

The number of slides shown per page is limited, but more pages of slides can be found by clicking 'Older posts' at the foot of the page.

The photographs in the slideshow for the 'IN STOCK' slides are usually taken from the slide that you will receive if you buy it. The photographs for the 'TO ORDER' slides will be of a previous slide. The slide I make may differ, but should be similar.

Method 2. ★ NEW ★

Geosec back-catalogue. This is a database of previously made slides. New slides can usually be made from this list, assuming I still have stock of the rough material. It is necessary to confirm availability. The back catalogue can be found ★here★ or from the header tab. The catalogue can be viewed as a gallery or a list, and an enquiry form can be found below both.

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