Ordering Slides, please read 3.0

Slide production, in a limited manner, has re-started, and I am open to taking orders for slides.

Please view the 'Back Catalogue' tab

to view the slides that are available and the prices. Where the price is N/A this is not available at present, usually because I have run out of suitable material.

The catalogue can be viewed as a gallery or a list, the link is at the top of the page under the title.

please allow a few seconds for the view to load, the many images mean a large file size.

A larger version is available to view, see the link at the bottom right of the view window. 

This makes the grid a bit easier to view.

If you wish to send an order please complete the slide enquiry form (MAX. 12 slides) and I will contact you with a confirmation and delivery time estimate. This is currently about 3 weeks but may vary considerably if numerous orders are received. Orders will be processed in the order that they are received. 

Postage guide

24hr post to UK addresses £4.00.
Airmail to Europe, £6.00.
Airmail outside Europe eg. USA and Australia etc £9.00.
Tracking can be provided, this usually costs extra, about £2.00. Please request if required.
This does not usually cover the whole cost, but Geosec will fund the difference. 

Special Offers.

On occasion I may offer a batch of slides that are excess to orders, on a first come first served basis. These will be announced 1 week before they go live. 

Many thanks to all my customers, I hope I may be able to provide you with some interesting slides to view in the future.

Rob Gill.

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