2021 Sales 3

  This is a list of slides available for purchase. Published 10 Jan 2021.

All slides on this list are sold! New list will follow on Sunday 17/1/21. Please check back.

Please use email - or the contact form on the blog - to  send me a list of the slides you would like to buy, just the slide number will do, and I will reserve the slide for you. A paypal payment request will then be sent, and the slides requested will be sent when payment is received.

Slides will be reserved on a first come first served basis, based on the time stamp on the email/message. the Status of the slide will be changed from Unsold. to Sold. This has to be done manually so there may be a delay. I will confirm by email which slides have been reserved for you.

4764            £9.95                Status:Sold.

This is a thin section of a coarse dolerite (or gabbro) occurring on the shore as a dyke. This has been heavily altered and contains secondary prehnite and garnets. Very unusual.

There is some loss of adhesion of the cement in this slide. please bear this in mind when purchasing.

9036            £14.95        Status:Sold.

This is a thin section of Spinifex Komatiite from the ancient shield rocks in Canada, Abitibi formation, Pyke Hill, Ontario. Komatiite is an ultramafic lava rapidly cooled which produces a texture known as Spinifex (named after a species of grass). This type of Lava was only produced in the PreCambrian period since when the world has cooled somewhat, and lavas of this type are no longer possible. Komatiite is exceedingly difficult and expensive to obtain, and so slides will always have a high price. The material is always altered, and the minerals are mainly chlorite, in this slide, with possibly phlogopite and serpentine 

A small section, hence lower than normal price for this type of material.

9421            £17.95            Status:Sold.

This is a thin section of Sillimanite Schist from Rhynie Aberdeenshire, Scotland. A very good slide that rewards detailed examination. Basically a quartz mica schist, with considerable folding. Alongside the brown mica is a grey 'stream' of sillimanite (this is the fibrous type of sillimanite called Fibrolite). Best viewed at higher magnification, plain light, with the microscope substage iris diaphragm nearly closed to increase the contrast.

10332            £19.95            Status:

Thin Section Microscope Slide of Andesite from the Mount Pinatubo in the Philippine islands. Contains phenocrysts of augite and some olivine (generally somewhat altered to a red/brown secondary mineral) in a matrix of plagioclase all shapes and sizes( non technical description!) generally showing excellent zoning and twinning. Sharp and clear mineralogy.

11077            £12.95            Status:

This is a thin section of Blairmorite from Alberta Canada. Contains large pinkish analcime crystals in an altered matrix. Not colourful in XPL.

13114            £17.95            Status:Sold.

This is a thin section of  radial growths of Barite (or Heavy Spar). Collected from a mineral vein in the Hope Valley, near Castleton, Derbyshire. Shows "plumose" (literally like feathers) interference structure. Very striking. A difficult slide to produce, tends to crumble, but the results are worth the effort. Striking. Cut thicker than normal to enhance colours.

13305            £14.95            Status:

This is a thin section of a tuff from Lennoxtown, Strathclyde, Scotland. quartz, feldspar and magnetite. This is associated with the essexite intrusion nearby. Made from material collected by the late Alex Heriot.

13746        £22.95            Status:Sold.

This is a thin section of Nephelinite Lava. From Udersdorf / Emmelberg area in the Eifel volcanic complex. A volcanic deposit of nephelinitic/pyroxene matrix containing phenocrysts of zoned augite. Very bright and colourful.

16512            £14.95            Status:Sold.

This is a thin section of the Stac Fada Meteorite Impact deposit. Initially thought to be a volcanic mudflow this deposit, found within the Torridon sandstone sequence, is now believed to be the 'fall out' from the impact of a massive meteorite about 1.2 billion years ago. The strike is thought to be centred in what is now The Minch, the stretch of water between the North West Scottish mainland and the Outer Hebrides. Impact deposit characteristics have been found in the deposit, buy and check them out for yourself, I must admit to not being an expert in this field.

16515            £14.95            Status:Sold.

This is a thin section of a fine grained schist from the shore north of Stonehaven, near the highland boundary fault. Fine grains of schistose quartz and mica with porphryoblasts of choritoid. Olive green/blue, pleochroic and much less altered than is usual for this mineral. Normally a difficult mineral to fine a good example of, but this is about the best I have seen.

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