Slides Delivery.

I am currently not producing slides, and will probably will not be re-starting until 2021. 

If production restarts it will be at a much reduced level, probably not more than 10 slides a month, and will be to special order based on the Backorder Catalogue. list.

PLEASE DO NOT ORDER SLIDES,  I can refund any payment, but this costs me fees.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Rob Gill.


Chad said...

I hope your doing all right. Be safe, be health.

Rob Gill said...

Hello Chad,

Thank you for the enquiry. Yes, all fine, just enjoying a break from making slides, 16 years, 14000 slides, it's nice to be doing something else for a change. Probably back slide making in September..., probably.

Hope you and all my other customers are keeping well.

Best wishes