Actinolite in Talc. N.W. Scotland

This is a thin Section microscope slide of a rock from Auctertyre, near Kyle of Lochalsh, associated with the Lewisian (pre cambrian) 'inlier'. Well formed crystals of actinolite in a matrix of very fine grained talc. Very pretty in XPL.

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Unknown said...


I go to this site every 1-2 days just to see what's new. If this site last changed on Feb 15 2019 then where are the new slides now ? The listings on seem to sell before I see them.
Thanks for listing in alphabetical order.
I notice you include a meteorite impactite slide. There is a huge industry around meteorite thin sections. The inner planets have a similar (but different) variety of rocks to Earth. Look at the site for the best quality and sometimes prices too are out of this world. Ebay dealer sdfossils seems to captured the bottom end of the market. My favourite Ebay dealer pema9 has beautiful slides in the $50-100 US price range. Most dealers don't even have a POL microscope. The POL photo is essential to judge texture, mineral content, and weathering.

Rob Gill said...

Sorry about no recent listings, I have been rather overwhelmed by orders recently. Direct order get priority over making stocks. I have still got 2 to 3 weeks work ahead of me. I make slides in the 'old fashioned' way with lots of hand work, so they take some time.

I leave meteorites to the specialists.