Ultramafic layered intrusion. Rum, Scotland

This is a thin section of  rock from the Isle of Rum, an island off the West coast of Scotland, South of Skye. This island is part of the Paleogene volcanic province active just before the opening of the Atlantic about 60 million years ago. The island was a volcano, and has been deeply eroded, more deeply than the other volcanoes in the province. The base of the magma chamber is exposed and a world famous series of layers, Peridotite and Troctolite, now make up the mountainous centre of the island.
This slide is from the famous ( among petrologists ) "Chromite Band" From the Eastern Layered Intrusion, one of the peridotite layers is separated by a band of chromite from the next troctolite layer. This slide shows both layers and the chromite. Illustrations of this are in most books about the Geology of Rum.
Only a few of these will be offered, I only have a very small amount of this material. Please enquire about availability before ordering. 

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