Update September 2021

 Thank you for visiting the site.

I am currently taking an extended break from making slides in order to pursue other projects. I regret I have no slides currently for sale.

Any change in status will be posted here when (or if!) slide making re-starts.

Rob Gill.

Geosec Slides 2021

 January 2021

I would like to thank all my buyers and friends for their messages and support during the last difficult year, and apologise if I did not reply to you individually. I hope you are well and have managed to remain covid free, and hope that 2021 will be a better year for all of us.

Although I am not currently producing new slides, I have decided to sell most of my personal collection of slides. These are just sitting in my cabinet and would probably be better distributed to collectors who will enjoy and value them. All funds generated by this sale will go to support members of my family who have had a significant loss of income as a result of the pandemic.

The slides are a variable mixture, some are from very rare material and probably not repeatable, some are just particularly good examples of previously offered slides. Some, mainly older slides are from material that I have used up, often sourced from a geologist in Canada who sold me a selection of pre-cut blocks about 15 years ago, soon after I started making slides. The quality is no where near as good as more recently made material, in particular I was having problems eliminating bubbles from the epoxy I was using to glue the sample to the glass slide. I did not solve this problem until I ceased using epoxy and switched to UV setting adhesive. This was from slide #6000 approximately onwards, so earlier slides may have problems, but some of these are from unusual and interesting rocks, and not repeatable. Please bear this in mind when purchasing slides with low slide numbers.

The first batch should go 'live' tomorrow (Sunday 3/1/21) and will be sold on https://geosecslides.blogspot.com  I am still working on the exact format, but will require you to notify me of any slides you wish to buy, then I will send a PayPal payment request, and send the slides when I receive of payment from you. For details see the slides for sale post when it appears.

These slides are mostly not repeatable. They will be on a first come first served basis based on the time/date stamp of the notification of your interest.

There will be a longer period than usual before I dispatch any orders. England, or at least the part I live in, is under partial lockdown. I am allowed to visit the Post Office, but do not wish to do so more than necessary. Orders will be collected and will be sent when enough are ready, but in any case the delay will not be more than a day or two.

Once again, thank you for the supportive messages.

Best wishes, and keep safe.

Rob Gill.